Máy đuổi con trùng Electro Magnetic

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Máy đuổi con trùng Electro Magnetic

Máy đuổi con trùng Electro Magnetic

Tên sản phẩm: Máy đuổi con trùng 311

Hãng sản xuất: THT

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Đuổi muỗi đuổi gián bằng sóng điện từ

This unit combines the dual-action of Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic technology to drive mice and insects from your home.
the advanced dual-action mouse and rat repeller uses a new technology called “phase-shift-current”, driven through the wiring in your home by shifting an electromagnetic field throughout the walls, ceilings and floors where the majority of rodent problems exist.

The Blue flashing LED light indicates electromagnetic 24-hour continuous protection against household pests, driving them from the home. the ultrasonic effect is activated to provide additional protection to your home
Covers up to 50 square metres / 80 square metres
Power input: 220V 50~60Hz
Dimensions: approx. 100mm x 20mm x 30mm
Net Weight: approx. 50 grams

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